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     The DPW provides countless services to its residents, some you may know of, some you may not.  This is a list of some of the services we provide at no additional cost to you.

Berms: We will provide and asphalt or earth berm to prevent stormwater from entering your property.

Delivieries: We will deliver materials we have stockpiled to your house. Materials include log length wood, wood chips, compost, fill and road millings

Tree pruning and removals:  If you have a town owned tree on your property we will prune it at your request or remove it should we deem it to be a hazard to public safety. Trees are considered to be town owned if the are located within the road layout.  DPW personnel can determine if the tree is within the road layout upon request. 

Recycle Bins: We will deliver you a recycle bin or 2nd recycle bin at no charge. 

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