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2023 Trash/Recycling Program Price Increase Notice

     This notice is to inform you of an increase in the cost to provide you with Trash and Recycling collection services effective July 1st 2023.  The current Solid Waste and Recycling contract that the Town of East Bridgewater has with Republic Services expires on June 30th, 2023.  Republic Services’ proposal reflects a 30% increase for collection services from the current year.  This dramatic increase can be attributed to increases in operating costs and several other business factors including fuel and prevailing wage rates. The cost to dispose of trash has also increased 10%.  Additionally, the cost to process recycling has increased from $35 per ton last year to $114 per ton currently.  The Town did solicit additional quotes for similar service.  All were considerably higher than Republics proposal.

            Due to these increases the Trash and Recycling fee will increase to $500 per year ($250 for a second set of bins) for the Town to continue to provide this program through 2025. This increase will allow the Town to continue to provide the same consistent level of service to all our current customers. Again, this increase will take effect beginning July 1st, 20 23.

            The aspects of the program remain the same, trash bin collected every week, recycling bin collected every other week.  Yellow trash bags will still be available for overflow and can still be disposed of at the Recycle Center when it is open.

            Please know that the Town worked to explore all options for the residential Trash and Recycling program. We are still confident that this is best program we can offer at competitive pricing.

See the included information sheet with helpful reminders about East Bridgewater’s Solid Waste and Recycling program.


  • You may ONLY opt out of the program in June or December

  • Bins must be curbside by 7AM on the day of your scheduled collection day. We cannot send the driver back for late put-outs.

  • Your bins need to be no further than 4 feet from the curb and spaced 4 feet apart when you have both bins out so that the arms of the truck can reach your barrels easily.

  • Excess trash beside the bin will not be collected unless it is in our yellow town trash bags. These can be purchased at the DPW Office or the Town Clerk’s Office.

  • You are entitled to leave a bulk item with your trash – this is generally a piece of furniture, excluding sleeper sofas. Please check our website for FAQ’s.

  • As of Nov. 1, 2022, MA DEP issued a statewide ban on mattresses and they are no longer considered a bulk item. Please visit our website or for accepted recycling vendor info. They are NOT accepted at our Bridge Street Center.

  • Please download our app or for more info, weekly reminders, and updates for your service.

  • Republic Service’s calendar is available on the website for downloading and displays the 6 major holidays observed. 

Memorial Day

Labor Day

July 4th

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

New Year’s Day


Please note -The Town reserves the right to not collect items in your bin that are considered hazardous waste.

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