East Bridgewater's Household Hazardous Waste Day event will be held on Saturday, August 25th from 8am to 12pm, at the Gordon Mitchell Middle School. 

East Bridgewater Hazardous Waste Day

June 1st, 2019 8:00 am – 12:00 noon

Drop-off Location:  Gordon Mitchel Middle School

You do NOT need an orange recycle center sticker for this event. 


Are chemicals in your crawlspace causing concern?


Bring These Items:

From the workbench:                             From the house:

  • Oil-based paints                                            Rubber cement, airplane glue

  • Stains & Varnishes                                        Fiberglass Resins

  • Wood Preservatives                                        Photo Chemicals

  • Paint Strippers/Thinners                               Chemistry Sets

  • Solvent Adhesives                                          Furniture Polish

  • Lighter Fluid                                                    Floor & Metal Polish

From Garage:                                                         Oven Cleaner

  • Fuels/Gasoline, Kerosene                              Drain & Toilet cleaner

  • Antifreeze                                                        Spot remover

  • Motor oil                                                           Rug cleaner

  • Engine degreaser                                           Hobby & Art supplies

  • Brake fluid/carburetor cleaner                   

  • Transmission fluid                                          Fluorescent bulbs

  • Car wash, Polishes

  • Driveway sealer                                                 How To Safely Transport:

  • Roofing tar                                                    Leave materials in original containers

  • Swimming pool chemicals                          Tighten caps & lids

  • Car batteries                                                  Sort & Pack separately:

  • Car tires - $2 Each                                        Oil, Paint, Pesticides & Household cleaners

From the Yard:                                                     Pack containers in sturdy, upright boxes

  • Poisons, Insecticides, fungicides                Never mix chemicals

  • Chemical fertilizers                                      Pack, then drive directly to SITE

  • Weed killers                                                  Never smoke while handling hazardous materials

  • Moth balls

  • Flea control products

  • PROPANE TANKS – No larger than

Gas grill size


Materials NOT accepted:


Empty containers/ Trash                                Ammunitions, fireworks, explosives

Commercial or Industrial waste                       Fire Extinguishers

Radioactive waste, smoke detectors                 Prescription medicines/syringes

Infectious & Biological Wastes                        Refrigerators, freezers, AC units, TVs


Latex Paint is not hazardous; remove lid, air dry or absorb with cat litter or paint hardeners, and dispose with trash.


We accept vehicle batteries at no cost.  Alkaline batteries are not considered hazardous waste and can be disposed of in your regular trash.

We accept car tires for $2 each. Larger tires are $5 each 

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