East Bridgewater Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP)

As we now find ourselves in a new era of more unpredictable and severe weather that can potentially cause more damage to our community, the Town of East Bridgewater has obtained a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Planning Grant in order to better understand and identify our Town’s strengths and vulnerabilities in the face of these weather events.

For program information, an “Introduction to MVP” presentation, and access to program downloads please visit our MVP website: https://www.envpartners.com/east-bridgewaters-mvp/

Taking Action

We are partnering with Environmental Partners to bring together community members to comprehensively identify and prioritize steps to reduce risk and improve resilience across East Bridgewater. Once this Planning Grant process is complete, the Town will be eligible for subsequent infrastructure and planning related grant opportunities. We will be holding one or more listening sessions in the coming weeks to allow residents to hear about the program and provide input regarding our MVP plan ideas.  

The listening session was held on Monday, April 5th.  Below is a link to view the listening session on YouTube.  Please send any comments or questions to dpw@eastbridgewaterma.gov


Here is a link providing a complete explanation of the program: