Deadline to Sign Up for East Bridgewater Curbside Trash and Recycling Program Approaching

Enrollment Ends June 1, Service Begins July 1


EAST BRIDGEWATER -- Department of Public Works Director John B. Haines would like to remind residents that the deadline to sign up for the town's new Curbside Trash and Recycling Program is one month away, on June 1, and announce that an optional program has been implemented for elderly and low-volume trash users.


To enroll, sign up for the new program between now and the June 1 deadline. New trash toters will be delivered to homes prior to the service beginning on July 1.


Residents should call the East Bridgewater DPW office at 508 378-1620 or sign up online on the DPW website to enroll. All residents who are enrolled in the current "pay-as-you-throw" program will automatically be opted into the new program.


The cost of the program for both trash and recycling is $25 per month and will be billed semiannually. This is a savings of at least $60 per year compared to local competitors.


DPW can provide a second recycling toter at no cost, and a second trash toter for $125 annually. Disposal of one large item per week will be permitted at no cost.


Participation in the new program grants residents free access to the Town's Recycling Center. If you choose not to participate in the program, but want to use the Recycling Center, a permit sticker costs $75 per year. Permit stickers will be available at the DPW or Town Hall after June 1.


While using the town's trash service is voluntary for all residents, an optional program has been created and is meant for elderly residents and those with low-volume trash output.


Those who enroll in the optional program will forego using a toter and can purchase yellow trash bags for $4 apiece at either Town Hall or the Senior Center. Those residents will be responsible for dropping their trash bags off at the transfer station and they will not be picked up by the town.


Please note, the cost of the yellow trash bags for those in the optional program will be increased from $2 (the current price of the bags) to $4 to help offset the cost of disposing the trash at the transfer station. To enroll in the optional program, call the DPW office at 508 378-1620.

Frequently Asked Questions



Do I have to participate in the new program?


No – this program is voluntary but we believe it is the least expensive option for many of our residents.


Why does the new program cost more than the old program?


The previous trash program had been supplemented by money the Town of East Bridgewater received in a settlement with former trash company BFI more than 20 years ago. That money was used to lessen the cost of trash pickup, but the funds have since elapsed.


The current "pay-as-you-throw" trash and recycling program does not generate enough money to cover the cost of the services provided. These services include trash collection (picking trash up at the curb), trash disposal (hauling the trash to an approved trash facility and the cost for the facility to accept it), recycling collection (picking up your recyclables at the curb) and the recycling of all materials at the Recycling Center. The money generated from the new program will go directly toward the full cost of providing the services of trash and recycling collection and disposal.


Can I use just the recycling service or just the trash service?


In order to participate in this new program you will need to utilize both services.


I already use the Town provided trash and recycling service, using yellow bags and the blue recycling toter. Do I need to sign up for the new program?


No, if you are currently in the program you will automatically be opted in to the new program.


I have a dumpster at my condo/apartment complex. Is there a way I can still recycle?


You can recycle by bring your recyclable materials to the Bridge Street Recycle Center during its normal business hours.


I have another vendor providing trash and recycling services now. The cost is reasonably equal, why should I switch to the town provided program?


We do not seek to tell residents what to do, but there are benefits to a single provider.


Using one trash and recycling provider in East Bridgewater to service the majority of the town will save wear and tear on our roads, decrease traffic issues and ensure the best price possible.


Multiple trash/recycling vendors means more large trucks on our streets daily. It is not uncommon right now to see 3 or 4 different vendor’s trucks on the same streets on the same day.


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