Recycle Center stickers

       Residents who participate in the Town's trash and recycling program will now receive green Recycle Center sticker when they opt-in to the program. This green sticker grants you access to the Recycle Center when it is open. Once you have opted into the program you don't need to buy another sticker unless or until DPW determines that processing fees necessitate a renewal of the existing sticker. Residents who are alredy in the program will receive a green sticker the next time they visit the Recycling Center. 

     Residents who do not participate in the town's trash and recycling program can access the Recycling Center by purchasing a Recycle Center sticker. The cost is $125 for the year. These stickers are also green and can be bought at the DPW office, M-F from 7:30a,m to 3:30pm. These residents will need to renew this sticker every year in July.

Please contact the DPW with any questions. 508-378-1620

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