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The intersection of Plymouth St and Washington St.-traffic plan

       With input from 2 engineering firms and the Old Colony Planning Council as well as multiple discussions with the East Bridgewater Fire and Police departments, the East Bridgewater DPW is ready to begin the redesign and reconfiguration of the Intersection of Plymouth St and Washington St.  This page will give a general overview of the project.  

    This project is being funded by MassDOT's Chapter 90 program. Last fall this program provided a supplemental allotment to all cities and towns in Massachusetts. DPW is using this supplement to complete this project.

Scope:  >The new configuration will require both the northbound traffic on Old Plymouth St and the southbound traffic on Washington St to make a right turn in order to approach Plymouth St at a 90 degree angle.  The curbed, narrow divider islands will be re-shaped and lengthened to prohibit traffic from Old Plymouth St and Washington St. from entering the intersection at the current location.  

            >The large, triangle traffic island near the entrance to Murray road will be expanded to create a single car lane when entering Washington St from the westbound lane of Plymouth St. The large, triangle traffic island in front of Beverly Circle will be expanded to create a single car lane when entering and  Old Plymouth St. from the eastbound lane of Plymouth St. The curbing on all islands will be removed, reset or replaced.  

            >There will be no changes to traffic flow on Plymouth St. 

Tentative road work schedule (subject to change)

    Wednesday, May 1st- engineering contractor will be at the intersection doing the layout for the project.

    Friday, May 3rd- Contractor will be saw-cutting around islands in order to remove, reset or replace curbing. 

    Monday May 6th-Contractor will work for the next 7-10 days performing the work described above.

    Mid to late Summer- all pavement in the intersection and adjoining areas will be milled off and replaced with new asphalt and road striping. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 508-378-1620 

General diagram of project- click here

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