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A large/bulky item is generally considered a piece of furniture (excluding sleep sofas).  Items like couches, love seats, bureaus, dressers, tables, lamps, chairs, wooden bed frames and ottomans are some examples. ALL LARGE ITEMS PUT OUT FOR COLLECTION MUST ORIGINATE FROM THE RESIDENCE WHERE THE ITEM IS PUT OUT FOR COLLECTION. DPW reserves the right to deny collection of any large item for any reason.  The collection of bulky/large items is intended to provide a free service to residents in the program. It is not intended to provide a means of disposal for junk collectors, landlords or residents and non-residents NOT in the program.

      Below is a list of items not considered bulky/large items and will not be collected curbside by Republic. If you have a question about what is considered a large item please call the DPW office at 508-378-1620.

    Republic services asks that if you have a large item you put it out the same week of recycle collection in case your item is too large for the trash truck employee to load into his truck by himself. He can then call the recycle truck driver to help him. 


TVs, electronics,appliances- these should be brought to the Recycle Center when it is open.)

Building debris- drywall, bakers racks, any type of wood, toilets, insulation, cabinets, doors, storm doors, bricks, concrete, windows.

Excess trash- this  will need to be placed in yellow town trash bags in order to be collected at the curb. They can be purchased at the DPW office. Excess trash left at the curb in privately owned bins will not be collected.

Cardboard boxes- these should be cut up and placed in your recycle bin

Yard debris- this can be brought to the Recycle Center

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