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-The DPW encourages residents to get involved in cleaning up their neighborhoods.  The DPW will provide trash bags to any resident willing to collect roadside trash.  We will also come by to collect the trash bags and dispose of them.  Any interested party should call the office or send us an e-mail using the "report a problem" link on the front page.

- It is illegal for anyone other than the fire department or DPW personnel to open a fire hydrant.  If anyone sees this happening they should contact the police department and the DPW.

-You may request a berm to prevent storm water from entering your property from the roadway.  There are 3 things you need to be aware of before we will install a berm.

   a.  If the berm runs across your driveway there will be a considerable bump when entering or leaving your driveway.

    b.  This berm will prevent storm water from entering your property but it will also prevent water from leaving your property.

    c.  This berm may be made of asphalt, road millings or loam depending on the amount of water coming off the road and where it enters your property.

-It is not the responsibility or obligation of the DPW or the town of East Bridgewater to ensure that any storm water from residential property will continue to drain onto town property after any roadwork is completed.  Storm water runoff from residential and private property is solely the responsibility of the property owner and should not discharge into the street.

- We have materials that we stock pile over the season that you may request at no charge.  We can deliver if you prefer or you can pick them up after calling the DPW office to let us know what you need.  You can also come and look at the piles to see if it is what you want.  If we do deliver it please leave a marker to show exactly where you want it dumped.  Once we dump it, we will not remove it.

These materials are:

Wood chips- they are not clean, they have some small twigs/sticks in them as well as leaves and bark

Fill-  this is typically not clean. There is some large stone and clay as well as black top chunks and occasionally some loam.

Loam- it is unscreened and has a fair amount of clay in it but not alot of stones.

Logs- This is a very popular item and we usually never keep it around long.  The logs come in varying lengths not usually less than 4 feet.  The type can also vary.  We typically have pine, spruce,oak, elm and maple.  You may call the DPW office to be put on a waiting list. 

All of these items are available for delivery but be sure of the amount you are requesting because once we bring it to you, we will not bring it back.  Delivery will be at our earliest convenience and please leave your phone number so we can contact you if necessary.


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