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   This page explains how to get a final water reading before closing on a home.  If you have any questions please call us at the DPW office at 508-378-1620.

    First you will need to locate the water meter. It will be in the basement or lowest level of your home. The new ones look like this:

     With the cover open, shine a bright flashlight on the dark panel for 15-20 seconds. The numbers should appear and you can then take a picture of them.

     Email the photo with the decimal points along with your name, address of the home where the final is being done and the name of the new owner to  We will process the Final read usually that same day. 

If yours does not look like this then we need to change the meter to a new one and you should call the office to make an appointment.


     You will need a bright flashlight to get the reading.  Open the black cover on the meter (see pic below)  

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