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Highway and Grounds

The Highway and Land Management division is a result of the establishment of the Department of Public Works. In essence, the highway department combined with the tree department to form one division. We can now accomplish more than the two separate departments because of more staffing flexibility and our ability to pool resources.

We are a division of 9 employees covering nearly 85 miles of roads in town. All of our employees posses qualities that enable them to work well together and do the job right. Many of the jobs we do with our own crews would normally be contracted out but because of our experienced staff, we can handle the jobs in-house and are able to get more done within our budget.

The East Bridgewater Department of Public Works’ Division of Highway and Land Management performs a wide variety of services throughout the town on a yearly basis. From something as simple as mowing town owned fields or patching potholes to the more complicated tasks of removing large hazardous town trees and installing new drainage systems. We are also responsible for snow and ice removal from winter storms as well as keeping the roads clear of fallen trees and limbs due to a high wind event.  DPW now maintains all school grounds including playing fields and parking lots. 

Some of the everyday jobs we perform include catch basin repair, town property maintenance, guardrail installation and repair, roadside brush cutting, asphalt berms, town tree pruning and removal, and road sign installations. We patch potholes and grind stumps, fertilize athletic fields, clean catch basins and sweep the streets.

Pond St. Micro-paving 2008
South St Reclamation
South St. reclamation 2016

East Bridgewater's DPW is very fortunate to have a highly skilled, highly experienced tree removal crew. Most towns do not have the equipment or personnel to remove hazard trees safely and efficiently.

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