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What is Stormwater?  

     Stormwater is water that originates from precipitation including rain and snow or ice melting. In wooded areas stormwater is absorbed into the ground. However in residential and commercial areas stormwater is prevented from being absorbed by impervious surfaces (driveways, buildings, roads, compacted soil).  The result is stormwater runoff. Runoff has 2 major impacts on the environment.  The volume and timing of the runoff and also potential pollution from any contaminants the runoff may be carrying. Contaminates like oil, gasoline, metals, fertilizer and pesticides are harmful to the environment and contribute to poor aquatic health.

What can I do to minimize my impact on stormwater pollution?

  • Never discharge wash water or toxic materials such as antifreeze, waste oil, used solvents, or paints to a storm drain or water body.

  • Use commercial car washes, or wash vehicles on a lawn so the soapy water does not flow directly to a storm drain.

  • Use biodegradable soaps.

  • Inspect your vehicles for fluid leaks, and use drip pans or absorbent materials to clean up leaked materials.

  • Store materials and waste such as fuels, solvents, batteries, and oils off the ground and in areas where they will not be exposed to rainwater.

  • Use rain barrels at the ends of your downspouts and reuse the collected water during dry times

  • Use a broom or a  blower instead of a hose to move material off your driveway

  • Direct downspouts away from driveways and towards grassy areas or mulch beds

  • Use a professional landscape contractor for fertilization.

  • Have your septic system pumped regularly. 


For more information on Stormwater see the Helpful Links below. 

Stormwater in East Bridgewater 

     The Town of East Bridgewater is actively taking part in preventing and controlling stormwater runoff. Multiple departments have contributed to developing a stormwater management plan. DPW is involved in outfall (where storm water discharges into a water body) inventory, mapping, sampling and inspection. We clean and inspect catch basins, sweep the roads, and calibrate snow and ice treatment vehicles to control the amount of chemicals applied. We clear and inspect culverts, repair and install berms and catch basins and ensure that all our town irrigated fields are using water smartly. 

     We have started the process of completing the EPA's 2016 MS4 Stormwater permit which includes the adoption of regulations preventing and identifying illicit discharges into the Towns stormwater system. Illicit discharges are direct or indirect discharge that is not composed entirely of stormwater and these include, but are not limited to, connections from septic tanks or cess pools and washing machine hoses.  These connections are not permitted. 

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