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Mattress Waste Ban

           Beginning Nov. 1st, 2022, the Department of Environmental Protection has instituted a ban on disposal of mattresses as trash.  Republic Services will no longer be collecting mattresses as a large/bulky item.  Further,  neither the East Bridgewater DPW nor Republic Services have any means to recycle your mattress.  You will need to contact an outside vendor for mattress recycling services.  Below is a vendor provided by the State DEP.

Here is a link for more info on Mattress Recycling from the DEP:

127 West Rodney French Boulevard

New Bedford, MA 02744
Contact: Erik Dyson617-378-7619

These companies will also collect your mattress and recycle it for a cost:

Eco+ Ecoplus Recycling Services

Green Team Junk Removal- Holliston (1-800-Got-Junk)


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