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Water Meter replacement program

          Beginning in the fall of 2016 the DPW’s Water division began a town-wide meter replacement program.  This program is designed to replace all 4,200+ meters in the town within 5 years. The new meter program will provide better accuracy and efficiency for billing and resident concerns.

Currently we use a sensus meter with a wire connected to an outside touch-pad reader on most residences.  The employee who reads the meter must walk up to each house and touch the outside reader with a pre-programmed reading gun to get the reading.  Each meter is read twice a year. The DPW has divided the town in 6 sectors and one sector is read every month. This process takes about 3 weeks to read all 700 meters per sector. So essentially we have to dedicate one employee per month just to read meters.  Sometimes the outside reader may not reflect the same usage as the actual meter so we get an inaccurate reading. 

With the new water meter replacement program we are installing Neptune radio read meters.  This new meter will transmit the readings to a receiver in one of our DPW vehicles as he drives by. This process will make meter reading much more efficient.  Meters from one sector will now be read in a day or two instead of weeks.  That means the time saved reading meters manually can be re-allocated to addressing other issues. 

     When it is time to change meters in your sector you will be sent a letter or we will leave a door hanger at your house asking you to call the office to schedule an appointment. Appointments can be booked between 7:30am and 2pm, Monday through Friday.  Meter changes typically take less than 15 minutes and are done by our own DPW staff.  

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