The DPW in East Bridgewater, with the support of the Board of Selectmen is excited to announce a NEW Curbside Trash and Recycling program.  This new program will begin July 1st 2018.  All residents who are in the current trash program (pay as you throw-aka-buying yellow bags and Blue recycle bin) do not need to do anything to be a part of the new program, you will automatically be opted in.  

            Program details:

  • NO more yellow bags!! (well kind of): Republic Services will provide a new trash toter to all residents in the program.  Household trash  can go in the new toter.  This toter will be 64 gallon size and will be on wheels like the recycling cart.

  •  If you cannot fit all your trash in the 64 gallon toter, yellow bags will still be available at the Community Center and Townhall for occasional overflow but will only be collected if you participate in the trash toter program. DPW will provide a 2nd trash toter at a cost of $125 annually

  • Trash will continue to be collected at the curb every week and recycling every other week.

  • The cost of the program for both trash and recycling is $25 per month and will be billed ($150) semi-annually, included on your water bill. 

  • You will be able to dispose of 1 large item per week at NO cost.

  • Participation in the program also grants you free access to the Recycling Center. 

  • If you choose not to participate in the new trash and recycling program but do want to use the Recycling Center you will need to purchase a sticker annually at a cost of $75. This sticker will be available at the DPW, 100 Willow Ave. 

  • Participation in the program is “all-inclusive” meaning you cannot opt in to one or the other; trash or recycling collection.

  • Participation in the new program is completely voluntary

Why the change? : The pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) program has never sustained itself.  For years the Town subsidized the true costs of this service with money obtained through a legal settlement with BFI more than 20 years ago.  After many years of offsetting the real cost of this program the money in that fund has now been exhausted. We do not sell enough yellow bags to cover the cost of collecting AND disposing of our trash.    

So the Town had a few choices.

  1. Keep the PAYT program and increase the cost of the bags to around $8 each for large bags. We know many of you aren’t happy with the inconvenience of having to go buy bags in addition to the sometimes questionable quality.  We also know that it’s inconvenient to have to put the trash bag out by 7am on the day of your collection and many of you put it out the night before only to have an animal tear open the bag and spread your trash all over the place. We felt continuing the PAYT program wasn’t our best offer to the residents.

  2. Continue to subsidize the Solid Waste and Recycling budget with money from the general government budget.  In talking with the Town Administrator this option would not be feasible at all.  In fiscal year 2016 the amount of subsidy from the settlement account was $200,000. That means that in fiscal year 2018 the town would need to take money from other departmental budgets (schools, police, fire, library, etc) in order to subsidize the PAYT program. We were not in favor of this approach due to the impact on the budgets of other departments.

  3. Eliminate the Solid Waste and recycling program entirely.  This would mean that each resident would need to subscribe to their own private hauler to collect and dispose of their trash and recycling.  This would have a substantial impact on our roads and traffic with even more trash and recycling trucks traveling through town on a much more frequent basis.

  4. Offer a trash toter in addition to the recycling toter and significantly reduce the need to buy yellow bags. We felt this was the best option to provide the same service as competing vendors and address the vast majority of concerns we have heard from the residents at a lower cost than those vendors. 


If you are currently in the trash and recycling program and would like to Opt-out please click on the Solid Waste and recycling link at the top of this page.