The DPW is happy to announce that through a grant from DEP we are now accepting mattresses, box springs and styrofoam for recycling at the Recycle Center. 

As a reminder you MUST have an orange Recycling Center sticker on your vehicle to gain access to the Recycle Center in order to drop off your styrofoam and mattresses.

UPDATE: Our grant from the DEP has expired so we will stop collecting mattresses at the Recycle Center on January 29th.  Mattresses can be left curbside as your one large item per week. 


Details are:

Mattresses and boxsprings>

-must be clean, dry and in relatively good shape with no major tears.

-boxsprings must not be broken

-no futon mattresses allowed.

-no waterbeds

-no mattress pads or toppers

-no pillows, comforters, blankets etc. 

-Tempurpedics are allowed

-you must be able to load the mattress into the container on your own so bring a helper. 


The following types of styrofoam are allowed:


-To-go containers-rinsed out 

-coffee/drink cups

-packaging blocks and sheets (NO PEANUTS please).

-styrofoam coolers

The mattresses and boxsprings have their own container, the styrofoam should be placed in a clear plastic bag provided at the recycling center.

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