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2022 Hydrant Flushing schedule 7pm to 11pm

All subdivisions off of these main roads will be

flushed as well. Check the website for schedule


Night one: Oct. 25th

Washington St- Pond St to Plymouth

Plymouth St. - Washington to Halifax town line

Pond St.- All 

Hudson St- All

Night two: Oct. 26th

Crescent St.- Cedar St. to Washington St. 

Washington St.- from Pond to Oak St

Cedar St.- All

Oak st- All

Night three: Oct. 27th

Bridge St.-All

Plymouth st- Bridge st to Whitman St

South St. 

Night four: Nov. 1st

Walnut St.- All

Union St._- All

Crescent St.- Bridge St. to Washington St.

Central St. - Bridge St. to Church St. 

Night five: Nov. 2nd

Bedford St.- All

West St.- All

Spring St.-All

Whitman St.- All

Plymouth St. - Whitman to Central

Center of Town

Night six: Nov. 3rd 

Pine St- All

Harvard St.- All

Maple Ave.- All

North Bedford St.- All

Highland St- #245

Night seven: Nov. 8th

North Central- All

Pleasant St- All

Matfield St.- All

West Union St- All.

Laurel St.-All

Thayer Ave. - All

Night eight: Nov. 9th

Elm St. All

Grove St.- All

Belmont St.- All

Summer St. Pleasant st to Elm St.

Night nine: Nov. 10th

Thatcher St.- All

Winter St.- All 

Summer St.- Elm St. to Winter St.

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